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Posted by Shannon Hartzell

In Reply to: James Sessions watercolor

: Art ignorant, but here please...have a picture, not sure if original watercolor or print...

: On back is a card that states
: b. Rome, N.Y., U.S.A., 1882
: d. Chicago, Ill., U.S.A., 1962
: title of picture listed then
: (Water color, 24" x 36")
: Collection of Mr. and Mrs. so&so

: what do the letters and places mean, and is it likely watercolor or print just stating that original was watercolor?

I cant help you with authentication of your James Sessions pieces.If you would like to see a couple of his original works I just listed two of them.One from 1937 and the other from 1939.Both of these where bought from him in Florida during the Thirties by a collector from Chicago.
I do know a few facts about Mr. Sessions and that he was the only living Artist to ever have a showing at the Met.He was also responsible for the bulk of our patriotic posters during World War II.I would be interested to know Mr. and Mrs. so and so's name to see if they are from the same collection. You may check these pieces out at . Good luck to you.
Shannon Hartzell

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