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Paul Detlefsen the Artist about one of his old homes...

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Posted by Scott Hawthorne

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My parents purchased a wonderful English Tutor style home from Paul Detlefsen in the late 50's. We lived there many years. We did have some of his paintings at one time. The real fun was the basement of the home located in Studio City California. He had hand built a miniature railroad covering the entire basement of the home. Miles of miniature trains, towns, lumber mills, a lake with a forest. My favorite was the water wheel with the running water. Just like one of his paintings. The trains ran through everywhere, man it was great to be a kid. Paul had an artist studio above the garage. The large skylight let in the wonderful natural light while painting. There was a darkroom next to the studio for photography. That is where I set up my first darkroom. It was a very large home, Olympic size pool and outside summer house by the pool, park like setting. If you are in California or just want to know more, I do have some old pictures from there and I can give you the address. As I remember he moved to Hawaii in the late 50's.

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