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Posted by Shirley Swindell

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: I have a 1964 Paul Detlefsen painting done on a flat piece of 4' x 2.5' redwood which depicts an old growth forest along a steam. The painting was found at a second-hand store in Mendocino, County, Northern California.

: Anyone have an idea of what the painting is worth?

: Travis T.

Hello , I have been looking for this paintings for about 20 years, I had a print of it I had bought a K-Mart. belive it or not..and for some dumb reason sold it.I have been trying to find another one for a long time. and thanks to your letter and responses I have finally found out the name of the painting , and will try to find a print, unless you still have the painting and want to sell it? I have no idea of the value...You are very lucky, its a beautiful painting.....Shirley Swindell

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