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Posted by Myrna Whorton

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Hello from Florida, If you recieved any information On the Old Mill Stream I would apprecite you forwarding same. I have a print. Thanks, Myrna : : : : I am looking for any information on Paul Detlefsen. My grandparents gave me a Detlefsen and I would like to know some history on this artist.

: : I have two Detlefsen prints which I bought in the early 1970's. I've not seen them anywhere else but would like to replace one if possible as it's become very darkened over time.
: : The first is about 2'6" by 2' and is a mill stream with a mill in the background, a little boy shying stones, and a little girl holding a bouquet of flowers, watching him. It's very peaceful and beautiful.
: : The second is bigger, maybe 3' by 2', and shows a line of children running out of a little country school up in the background. Boys are leaping over stones and leapfrogging each other, girls are running behind them. At the door to the school, the teacher is shaking hands goodbye with the last little girl. This is the one that is darkened and a bit damaged.

: : I don't know the names of either of these prints but would very much like to know more about them.
: The names of your two paintings are "The old mill stream" and "Schools out"

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