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Posted by Brenda Hine

In Reply to: Re: Paul Detlefsen

: : : I am looking for a copy of the painting entitled "School's Out".
: : : Could anyone help me out?
: : : Could you respond to my e-mail directly, please!
: : I have a copy of that painting.. and I am looking the "caboose train in the desert" any help would be appreated..
: : Jay...
I am also looking for a copy of " School's Out"
my Granmother had one hanging in her dining room forever, needless to say I was not the child that received it. I have had no luck finding it on line. Please e-mail me if anyone finds someone that has them.

: I have a copy of School's Out, very old but precious. Doesn't seem to exist online though!
: Nice to see other people have the rarer Detlefsens as well as Xmillion copies of Iron Horse and Good Old Days. Any idea where or if we could contact the keepers of the Detlefsen paintings/prints to order copies of the rarer ones?

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