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Posted by Richard Schwartz

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: I have been trying to find Sessions paintings to purchase. I own one of his paintings and I would like to have more. My son is his great-grandson and he has taken interest in art. Although my son is a cartoonist, I would like to expose him more to his great-grandfathers work. If anyone knows of an exhibit of his work I would love the opportunity to take my son to see it. We live in New York. Thanks for your help.


My Father was a personal friend of your son's Great Grand Father, James Sessions. My Father, Richard Schwartz Sr. was also an artist and met Mr. Sessions while working at Brudno Art Supplies on State Street in Chicago. My Dad admired Mr. Sessions and developed a friendship. As you may know, Mr. Sessions was hired by The Chicago Tribune in the late 1930's to go over seas to Europe and paint on location pictoral documentations of what was the begining of World War II. The result was Mr. Sessions work was the first featured color spreads ever printed in the Chicago Tribune. I own one of those paintings. The subject is Nazi's arresting Women and Children.

My Dad died when I was 12 in 1979. I followed in his foot steps and graduated from The American Academy of Art in Chicago. I studied water color painting with the late Irving Shapiro, AWS. While attending school, Mr. Shapiro took the other students and myself to The Art Institute of Chicago. There is a special room there called, The Print and Drawing Room. There are several original James Sessions Water Colors in files there. They are not viewable by the normal public. I am certain that if you contact the Art Institute of Chicago. Whomever is in Charge of The Print and drawing room at this time should be honored to show you his paintings.

Brudno Art Supplies in Chicago is still there on State Street, but is not the great art store it once was. Until 1998, it had original paintings hanging by Sessions. The former Owner Jackie Roach died, what ever became of the original art work is beyond me.

If you decide to come to Chicago, I would be happy to go to The art Institute with you and make sure that the print and drawing room cooperates with you. I know a few people there and may be able to pull some strings.

Any friend, or relative of Sessions is a friend of mine. My # (847)768-1016.


Rick Schwartz

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