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Re: does anyone know Robert j. Smith?

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Posted by Starr Acheson

In Reply to: Re: does anyone know Robert j. Smith?

: Robert J. Smith was my grandfather. I was SO shocked to find this message thread on the Internet -- I enter his name from time to time, and this is the first time anything interesting has come up!

: Nicole, I would love to know what your paintings look like. As for their value, I can only say that my family spent a bit of money during the '80s trying to buy many of my grandfather's paintings back from his former (now deceased) agent. Sadly, we only own a few of them.

: In 1993 I drove through the Midwest and East looking for examples of my grandfather's public work. He did many murals as well as portraits and paintings for churches (work he did for a church in Dayton, OH was destroyed in a fire). The Dayton Art Institute still has a couple of his paintings, and I have seen work in Indiana, as well as a 12-still life series owned by a family outside of Chicago.

: You cannot imagine how this e-mail has made my day. My week. OK, my year. I would love to hear from all of you if you have any more information.

: Thanks, Amelia Smith

I have one of your grandfather's still lifes hanging on the wall of my Kitchen . It was a piece that my mother-in law purchased many years ago at an estate sale, I admired it and she gave it to me about 8 years ago . It also is a kitchen theme, with a glass container full of flour, rolling pin and other ingredients ,including what I think is a pommegrante, all on and old baking, or kitchen table. It is signed and dated 62. It seems to be in it's original green frame. I would love to know more about him and this painting.

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