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Posted by Pamela Spenlove Hopkins

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Andrew- Frank Spenlove-Spenlove was my great grandfather. My father remembers visiting him in England as a boy. My father has a copy of the magazine The Artist, volume IV, No. 1, dated September, 1932, in which there is an article about, and some paintings of Frank Spenlove- Spenlove's. I hope this is of use. Please contact me if you need more information. Pam Hopkins : I am writing a book on the History of Burmese Painting, 1850-Present. Spenlove was important in the history of Burmese painting because he was an instructor of Burma's first Western-style painter who studied in London, U Ba Nyan.
: This was at Spenlove's studio, the Yellow Door.

: It is very difficult to find information on Spenlove and his paintings, although some are very good. You can see three of them on the first site which pops up on the google search
: engine when you search for "Spenlove-Spenlove".

: If anyone has information on Frank Spenlove, or knows of articles written about him, I would be most grateful to be informed.

: I am also searching for one or two good Spenlove paintings to put in the book, so I am also looking for images of his work and where they might be found. So I hope the individual from Atlanta who recently inherited a Spenlove painting might contact me.

: Dermot O'Keeffe's (any relation to Georgia?)information about the Spenlove painting at the Mercer Art Gallery in England is helpful also. Thank you.

: Andrew Ranard

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