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Posted by Shari Socholotuik

In Reply to: Re: fine art prints by gellman

: I have "Reflected City" by Munnich #224 size 12" x 24".

: I was going to toss my husbands Garage Sale find, but I decided to research it first.

: Any info is great!

: Steph

: : I have one print stating "Fine Art Print by Gellman" as well. It is titled "Full Sails" by Rodger #618 size "16x20" Did you get any help with your queries? If so, can you please pass on the site or place you got help. Thanks

I also have a Gellman print"Mixed Flora and Butterfly" by Marsden...No. 432 size 11" x 14"
found this picture over a print of The QUEEN Mother taken early 1900's. Maybe two finds,
Shari lol.

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