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Posted by Ludger MICHAUD

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: My father in law has a painting of two little boys, one with his arm draped over the over with a very conspiratorial look on his face. They are dressed in peasant style clothing on a bridge. He has had the painting for about 40 years. Here is the interesting thing.. He said he once saw a photo of this painting in a magazine - we didnt really beleive it - until we recently found a cushion with the same image embroidered on it. Now I know his painting is prbably a copy of some semi famous original but I have tried searching for it on the net and cant find anything. The painting has a rembrandt sort of look to it and is signed 'Kriengel'. Can anyone help ??

I live in France, in Lorraine (east of France).
Wy wife comes from Saint-Etienne (center of France) and a speciality of this town is to weave silk, and especially, canvas.
Many years ago, before we married, she received a canvas illustrating a setting like the one you describe. We put it in our bedroom.

Here the interesting thing:
Our daughter and her friend are just coming back from Scotland. She mailed us this picture they took, with the message "Does this picture evoke you something?".
I'll ask them where they took this picture, and I'll take a picture of our canvas.

Please, excuse my English.



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