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Please identify my art works

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Posted by Edward Lopez

Hello everyone: I have a couple of art works for which I have no identification. I don't know what they are titled nor can I make out the artists' names from their signatures. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Re: The Statue of Liberty - photo PANA0057: photos 59, 60, 61, 62, 63 are of the surface tilted to reveal the texture that is not seen straight on. I'll appreciate your telling me what kind of name this kind of are it's called. I was told photo-lithograph. Is this correct?

Re: the one of the Jazz musicians against a Times Square backdrop - photo PANA66: What name is given this kind of print, if you can make it out from the not-so-great photo?

If you have any questions, please post them or write to me at tvrodman2003 "at" yahoo dot com. TIA.

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