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Posted by Scott Sibley

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I've seen a number of Sessions pictures that are excellent prints and very difficult to distinguish from original watercolors. You have to look very closely with a magnifying glass for tiny dots. More than likely the picture you have is a print because if it were an original watercolor it would have been matted. Sessions was a highly regarded watercolor painter. Unfortunately, a print, unless it had an original signature, would not be worth much.


: I recently picked up what I think is an original watercolor that is signed SESSIONS in the lower right hand coner of the framed work. The scene is similar to Mr. Sessions other work; Trout Stream. The one I have has a label on the back "Strike of a Steel Head". I haven't found any info about this piece and was wondering if any admirer of Mr. Sessions can help me.
: Thank you for the postings about James M. Sessions.

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