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Posted by Greg

Greetings all,

I am asking for help to identify an oil on canvas sea scape done in an impressionist style. The painting measures 16Ĺ x 13 inches. I have a digital photo that I will try to attach. If Iím not able, I can send it by e-mail for the asking at .

It is of pastel colored wind blown shrubs nestled in sand dunes next to the sea. It is signed, but I canít make out the name. Possibly, S.B. or S.E. followed by 5 or 6 unintelligible characters. I canít tell the age other than it has been remounted several times as indicated by tack holes along the edge.

I acquired the painting at an auction about 15 years ago (in the midwest) in a box of artwork that included several prints by Birger Sandzen.

Thank you,


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