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Posted by Carole

Hopefully this entry is not too late to be of interest to those asking about the artist Alf Van Neste last year. I brought my Alf Van Neste print (of a tall church on a river) to a taping of the Antiques Roadshow in St. Paul MN 6/26/04. It was very disappointing. The appraiser was totally dismissive. Even though I had a little information on the artist (from this message board) the appraiser had never heard of him and kept saying things like "there are lots of artists and not many are Picassos". This appraiser acted like if he didn't personally know something about the artist, that artist should be of no interest to anyone. He even told me that the penciled number (on mine it's "A12/357") is meaningless and often false. (I had always thought the smaller the number the better, because repeated stamping degrades the clarity of the print.) Even though I knew exactly where this print has been for the last 60 years, he insinuated that it might be a tourist fake. The appraiser gave this framed lithograph an estimated "decorative value" of $200-300.

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