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Posted by Ginger Foster

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I work for the Fine Arts Program within the General Services Administration (GSA), an agency of the federal government. There is an oil painting in our collection by a Robert J. Smith. If you would like to view an image of the painting, you can access it through GSA's website.

Go to, click on public buildings, click on art in public buildings, click on fine arts program, and then you can access the database from that page.

By any chance, do the paintings you found have any labels or tags refering to the Works Progress Administration, New Deal, Federal Art Project Public Works of Art Project, or Treasury Relief Art Project?

The painting in our collection has a Federal Art Project of Ohio brass tag on the frame.


: i need help on a painter named Robert J. Smith. I recently found some paintings and I was wondering if they were worth something or just from someone's hobby. Any help will be great. Thanks.

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