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Posted by Mark Casey

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: : I have been trying to find Sessions paintings to purchase. I own one of his paintings and I would like to have more. My son is his great-grandson and he has taken interest in art. Although my son is a cartoonist, I would like to expose him more to his great-grandfathers work. If anyone knows of an exhibit of his work I would love the opportunity to take my son to see it. We live in New York. Thanks for your help.
: I have a print of a sessions painting titled vermont farm. I can not find it listed
: anywhere on the net. It was published by the New York Graphic society. I have found one
: with that name. but it is not the one I have . mine is a winter scene. a man on a sled
: pulled by 2 horses facing hills and a red barn, silo and farmhouse on the right of the sleigh
: anyone know about this painting??

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