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I too have purchased three of his paintings at the New Orleans Gallery. The first was in the early 1970's. I was informed by an acquaintenace that he had died and the gallery wanted to know if I was interested in any of the paintings they still had. I declined. I though he was from Chile.

: : Any info on this artist would be appreciated.
: : December 14 2003

: This is info that I got from Debby Kuennen

: We have a printed sheet my husband was given when he purchased the large abstract oil at a gallery in New York many years ago. It states:Jose Luis Campuzano was born in Bilbao, Spain in 1918. He studied at the School of Arts and Functions and later entered the University of Victoria where he majored in philosophy. In 1955 he left Spain for South America. For the next decade, he worked as an artist, moving from Uruguay to Argentina and finally Brazil. During this period his paintings were shown in Montevideo, Uruguay; Sao Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also illustrated books, devised and built toys and worked as a graphic designer. At the urging of a well known South American artist who had moved to the United States, Campuzano came to New York. In the intervening years, he has built a reputation for romantic street scenes and soaring abstracts. Those who collect his work agree that he is a master at creating an air of mysticism in whatever he paints. Greatly influenced by Renoir, Campuzano excels in soft focus and the ability to move the imagination of the viewer out and beyond the frame. As he says, "Together, the viewer with his eyes and I with by (sic) brush, create a visual experience. This is an experience which is personal and which could not exist without the two of us." Campuzano is represented in major galleries from coast to coast. Recent exhibitions of his work have been held at The Old Olive Tree Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona; Gallery in the Square, Boston; Carolyn Summers Gallery, New Orleans and Chicago, and the Clayton Art Gallery, St. Louis.Have you gotten any estimates of value for your paintings? My husband says he remembers reading or hearing that Campuzano died a few years ago. How long have you had your cityscapes?

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