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Posted by Kay Murphy

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: : : Please would you able to help me find out if there is an atrist name -MRempel- I have a beautiful picture on canvas painted by him\her? Also have one by marjorie Sharpe??
: : : And finally I have one self portrait by rembrandt and "The lace maker" by Vermeer,Jan van Delft. thank you

: : I also have a picture (seems to be a copy) by the
: : artist Marjorie Sharpe, it represents flowers (roses) - I bought it in a garage sale about 3 years ago (south of Montreal/Canada). Other from
: : that I have never looked into it - I will be
: : checking at the library

In reply to inquiry about Marjorie Sharpe. I bought an oil painting of roses about 7 or 8 years ago in Sacramento, CA. Marjorie dedicated it to me on the back. She paints mainly roses and at that time was living in Morro Bay, CA. I do not have any further information about her.

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