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Posted by Kermit MaryAnna Hunt

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: : I have what I believe to be a Florence Kroger Orig. Print of a Child Jesus. It was bought by my Friends Grandmother when my friend was 5, she is now 42. I have a digital picture if someone could help me find the history of this print and its worth.

: I also have print of a child Jesus by Florence Kroger. I don't know much about it but believe it was my fathers when he was a child, he 78 now.

: If I find out anything will let you know.
: MB
I have four Florence Kroger original paintigs and each of my family has an original too. My mom was invited to her house before she had her auction to buy what ever paintings we wanted and my mom baught for each member of the family (4)OF US. My mom paid her to paint a picture of christ on the road to Emmaus it is big and beautiful.She was a good friend of the family and a sweet person.I would love to see the painting of the child Jesus my mom had a cope of it. She did some beautiful work.Please reply Kermit & MaryAnna Hunt God bless you

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