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rembrant-aristotle/homer portrait

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Posted by steve

hi, i found a print of the aristotle contemplating the bust of homer by rembrant in my grandparents attic, and i was wondering if anyone could steer me into the direction of finding a worth on it. it is a 28"x29" not counting the frame, and it is framed in what looks like the original gold painted wood. on the back of the portrait, it has in the original red ink "V3152-118", and right underneathe it is written in a signature "Bust of Homer". there is another label on it that says: ("ARISTOTLE CONTEMPLATING THE BUST OF HOMER" Rembrandt Harmensz, Van Ryn, Dutch, 1606-1669. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Purchase, 1961. )
At the bottom it has in red ink, "Illinois Moulding Co. Chicago 8, Illinois."
Anyone with any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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