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Posted by Hi Mairesa

In Reply to: "Ships of Fire" / Original Oil by Ozz Franca

: I have a very large original oil painting by Ozz Franca. There appears to be little known of this particular painting. I would like to find someone who could provide a fair appraisal and more information on this particular 'period' in this painter's life. Many thanks. Mairesa

I own a 36" X 36" painting entitled "Butterflies" I purchased it from Nicolas Balahouts of Nicolas Fine Arts at 317 Mendoza Avenue Coral Gables, Florida. on April 22nd, 1985. At the time I purchased it Mr. Balahouts gave me a brouchure of the artist.

The following is what is printed on it as a biography:

Ozz Franca graduated from the Fine Arts School in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1949. He won his first prize in art at the age of fourteen in the annual "Spring salon" at Sao Paulo and from there he went on to win prizes all over Brazil. His great ability won him a scholarship to the Universit of Utah in 1952.

Ozz thinks that painting is to grasp a harmony between numerous different relationships and transpose them into a visula scale. His coulor on canvas is a function of light, variying in intesity and quality. Even the shadows are made up of color, animated by the relections of the neighboring tones, harmonious, vivid and vibrant.

He is continually aware of the vibrancy with which light surrounds things, the quality of light itself, its subtle flow, its reflections which both build up and dissolve forms with rhythmic patterns, harmonies of line and the splendor of color.

In addition to his wide range of fine art, including florals, nudes, landscpes, and seascapes, Franca has been winning much acclaim for the ownderful sensitivity and subtle harmonies in his interpretations of the expressions and moods of children.

Represented in the folloiwng collections:
Jacqueline Onassis
Lyndon B. Johnson
Patty Duke
Jerr;y lewis
Kim Novac
Burt Lancaster
Gig Young
Tom Bradley
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Ronald Reagon
Red Skelton
George Wallace
Frank Sinatra
Rock Hudson
John Wayne
Nelson Rockelfeller
Peter O'Toole
Mm. CHiang Kai Shek
Warren Dorn
Edward R. Roybal
Gregory Peck
Mrs. Robert Kennedy
kirk Douglas
James Mason
Gina Lollobrigida
Carol BUrnet
Sam Yorte

I had it appraised by Albert Jacobson in June of 1992, and he did not find any listing in any auction or competitive sales record of the artis therefore he appraised it a fair insured replacement value of $2,000.00.

If you find out any other information regarding the artist please contact me.


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