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Posted by Barbara

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: : : : : : : Has anyone any info on artist named above please.
: : : : : : Would he be the one who does sheep and trees and whose paintings look quite old?

: : : : : Yes the picture I have has a house with a thatch roof in the evening and people & horses walking down a dirt road. Lovely details. Old time clothing etc. Yes the painting is quite old.

: : : This is really J W Gozzard 18888-1950
: : : I would like to purchase any of his pictures

: Hi I have a painting By Jw Gozzard Its a man & woman walking in front of a horse and carriage past a house with a thatched roof on a cloudy night think the date says 1881

Hi I have a painting by JW Gozzard. On the back has been lettered "Fuir Original Water Color Painting by Gozzard - a highly esteemed English Artist". The painting is entitled "Rain and Mist". The setting appears to be an English street sceen with carriages and people in the streets and sidewalks walking in the rain. Estimate the painting to be from the late 1800's. I too am looking to find out more about the artist and the value of the painting.

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