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Posted by Larry

Franz A. Bischoff was born January 9, 1864 in Bomen, Austria. In 1885 he emmigrated to the US and became a naturalized US citizen. Bischoff had studied applied design, watercolor and ceramic decoration in Europe. Living in New York, Fostoria, Ohio and Dearborn, Michigan he painted beautiful ceramics and remarkable floral paintings.

Bischoff visited California in 1900 and relocated to Los Angeles in 1906 making his residence in Los Angeles while building a home in Pasadena that was completed in 1908.

Upon being exposed to the California landscape, Bischoff turned his attention from ceramic painting to easel painting, painting farms, villages, and coastal seascapes. Earning a reputation as a superb colorist, his plein air landscapes showed a reverence for nature. He painted California's Sierra Mountain Range, Utah and the coast between Laguna Beach and Monterey. In 1912 he traveled to London, Paris, Munich, Naples and Rome.

He won the Huntington Prize from the California Art Club in 1924. His paintings can be found in the Laguna Beach Museum of Art, the Gardena High School collection, the Oakland Museum and the Terra Museum of American Art, Evanston, Illinois. Franz Bischoff died in Pasadena, California on February 5, 1929.

The author of this biography is a collector and active buyer of paintings by Franz Bischoff and other early California artists, he can be reached by email at, (Larry)

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