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Posted by Larry

Granville Seymour Redmond was born March 9, 1871 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His family migrated West to San Jose, California in 1874. He attended the California School for the Deaf between 1879 to 1890.

His talent as an artist was recognized by an art instructor and in 1890 he enrolled at the California School of Design in San Francisco. His talent continued to blossom and in 1895 his huge painting "Matin d'hiver" was accEpted at the Paris Salon.

In 1903 Redmond painted in Laguna Beach, California. Throughout his career he painted primarily coastal landscapes between Laguna Beach and Monterey, California. He resided in Los Angeles, San Mateo, Tiburon and Parkview, California. He had memberships in the Bohemian Club, California Art Club, Laguna Beach Art Assn. and San Francisco Art Assn.

Known for his impressionist landscapes of Northern and Southern California, through his distinctive style Redmond showed a remarkable understanding of color and depth with sympathies to the delicate beauties of nature. He glorified California's sunsets with soft glows, he adorned his coastal views and rolling hill scenes with poppies and lupine flowers.

His works can be found in public collections such as The Oakland Museum, New York City Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Laguna Beach Museum of Art. He died May 24, 1935 in Los Angeles, California.

The author of this biography is a collector and active buyer of paintings by Granville Redmond and other early California painters. He can be reached through email, (Larry)

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