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Posted by Larry

Edgar Payne was born in Washburn, Missouri on March 1, 1882. Since the age of 14 his goal was to become a painter, he achieved his goal and much more becoming one of California's finest painters.

During his career, he glorified the Sierra Nevada Mountains Range's majestic peaks, the Swiss Alps, boats in Brittany, France and Italy, the Arizona Tablelands with Navajo horsemen and the California landscape. Payne Lake in the Sierras was named in his memory.

Edgar Payne won numerous awards, he exhibited and sold his paintings successfully throughout his career. His works can be found in important private collections and in museums such as the Laguna Beach Museum of Art, the Chicago Art Museum, Southwest Museum of Los Angeles and the National Academy of Design Collection.

Living in Laguna Beach, California, Edgar Payne was involved in the formation of the Laguna Beach Art Assn. and became its first president in 1920. He died in Hollywood, California on April 8, 1947.

The author of this biography is a collector and active buyer of paintings by Edgar Payne and other Early California Painters. He can be reached through email, (Larry)

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