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Posted by Larry

Bruce Nelson was born on June 13, 1888 in Santa Clara, California. He studied at Stanford University under Robert B. Harshe, the Art Students' League of New York, and at the Woodstock Summer School (ASL) under John F. Carlson and Birge Harrison. He maintained studio locations and residences at Palo Alto, San Jose and Pacific Grove, California.

In 1912 he exhibited twenty paintings at the galleries of Helgesen & Marshall in San Francisco, and later in November 1914 he exhibited twenty-four more paintings with the same gallery. He exhibited in Los Angeles in May of 1914, and at the Oakland Art Gallery in 1916 and with the San Francisco Art Asn.

Anthony Anderson, art critic for the Los Angeles Times newspaper, in 1914 described Nelson's works as, "lively and delicate, full of light and air, of brooding sunshine and permeating mists". Bruce Nelson painted coastal seascapes, coastal valleys, and coastal villages.

The location of many of Bruce Nelson's paintings are unknown. The location and death date of Bruce Nelson are also unknown. If you have knowledge of the whereabouts of his paintings or knowledge of his death date please contact this author.

The author of this Bruce Nelson biography is a collector and active buyer of Bruce Nelson paintings and paintings by other Early California artists, he can be reached through email: (Larry)

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