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Posted by Manfred

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: I have "Reflected City" by Munnich #224 size 12" x 24".

: I was going to toss my husbands Garage Sale find, but I decided to research it first.

: Any info is great!

: Steph

: : I have one print stating "Fine Art Print by Gellman" as well. It is titled "Full Sails" by Rodger #618 size "16x20" Did you get any help with your queries? If so, can you please pass on the site or place you got help. Thanks

I have an original oil on cardboard(?) painting by Munnich called "Reflected City". It is 24x30 inches in size and has a red ink stamp on the back which says," CF1702Munnich". The front has the painters signature. The "u" in Munnich has an umlaut (two small slashes) which is a hint that he might be German or Austrian. The title of the painting is printed on the center bottom of the painting, which is very unusual.I have not been able to find out anything about it despite my best research efforts on the net. Any help would be grearly appreciated.

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