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Posted by beverley

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: : : : : : : : : Has anyone any info on artist named above please.
: : : : : : : : Would he be the one who does sheep and trees and whose paintings look quite old?

: : : : : : : Yes the picture I have has a house with a thatch roof in the evening and people & horses walking down a dirt road. Lovely details. Old time clothing etc. Yes the painting is quite old.

: : : : : This is really J W Gozzard 18888-1950
: : : : : I would like to purchase any of his pictures

: : : I have recently aquired a painting by F Arnold and an lookinf for history and/ value of this. Please help me in locating any information. Thanks.

: : I also have a painting by F.ARNOLD. It is country scene a a woman in a long dress carry a bundle of sticks on her back driving five sheep along a counrty road alongside a lake. There are trees and house with a thatched roof nearby.I would also like some information about F.ARNOLD. Thispainting probably originated from either England or Scotland about 1900.

: Suggest later than 1900 as F Arnold was only aged 12 then
hi im bev i have just purchasedan F arnold print its beautiful ,its called ,THE FISHING VILLAGE AT SUNSET,PRINTED BY LEWIS WOLFF ,,, LTD LONDON W1 TOTTERHAM OR TOTTENHAM????? its very old and the painting has such depth. would love to fing out about the artist as well , i have heard of him before, that why i grabbed the painting,, anyway write i would love that,, thankyou ,, regards beverley,....

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