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Posted by Brad

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: : I'm trying to find out more about this Frommhold guy. I have a painting by him called "Noon day in forest". The information on the back is as follows,Frame 565,Line 1655A, Order4110 and also has Reofect stamped on the back. Is this Reofect a company or what? It would be great if someone knew something about this guy or Reofect.

: I cannot locate anything on Frommhold either and I also have a forest picture that is signed by Frommhold and has what I believe to be the name of the painting but it is in german. Have you been able to find anything else?
Hi,,Iam just starting a search on my Painting or {reporduction} of Frommholds "Peaceful Valley",It was reproduced by Reofect, has aline no.,frame no., order no.,ect. My wife took it to be cleaned,, they told her that it was a waste of money,, I think it is to nice to trash, so I will keep looking for information, I will let you know. please feel free to e-mail me if you find out anything,, Brad E-mail at

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