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Posted by Bev

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: I have an "original colored etching: entitled Pont au Cgyne #245/250. How do I find out the value of this piece?

I am not sure how to help you, however, I have a French Etching Facsimile entitled "Entree du Chateau" Number 2700-309 that is hand signed like this: after Alf Van Neste in the lower right hand corner of the print and has what appears to be 3 initials in the lower left hand corner.

The label on the back of the print also says the above information as well as V-M Company, Chicago

My husband's aunt owned this print and she has recently passed away. I would love to know more about the print, the artist and, of course, the value. It is lovely. Any information you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.


Bev Johnson

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