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Posted by Gene Marlowe

In Reply to: Paul Detelfsen

: Hi, I have 10 Paul Detelfsen prints and they are all in pretty good shape. They are framed and hung proudly in my living room. I am interested in collecting more. I don't have Days Gone By or any of the Iron Horse series. I find that picking them up at auction for a few dollars is my best option. I would also like to know about how much they are really worth. More information to whoever can help me.

For a good 20 years I have tried to learn something of Paul Detelfsen, but just this morning did it occur to me that something might be on the internet -- so I punched it in. There were just two sites, yours being number one. Have you gotten any replies other than this ?
I know nothing of the monetary value of his prints, just that I have always loved his rustic American values, the same qualities I find in the poet, James Whitcombe Riley.
Detelfsen never achieved any kind of "market value" I don't think. His prints were sold at "dime stores" almost exclusively and probably just to the poor folks who liked pictures but could not afford the well-known artists and could not relate to the modern artists.
I would like to know where the originals are. Has there ever been a Detelfsen exhibit ? Obviously, there is no great following for him and, therefore, no market for his work. But I like him for his idealism which has long been out of vogue. Somewhere I have afew new prints bought many years ago, but I never see them any more, and, like you, I see them only at yard sales but even those are rare.
If you ever learn anything of Detelfsen would you let me know. Perhaps we can start a Detelfsen revival. All of the art market is manipulated anyway.
Thank you,

Gene Marlowe
Tryon, NC

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