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Re: Painting by Robert J smith 1962

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Posted by Larry Sizer

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: : : I am looking for info on oil painter robert J smith. The painting is a still life. Kitchen utencils on what looks like a bread board.
: : : I am interested in knowing more about the artist.

: : I to have A ROBERT J SMITH of lemonaid. I to was looking for any info please let me know if you found anything and I'll do the same thank you
: : My family has a collection of 25 Smith paintigs which will be auctioned in Dayton, Ohio on 8/23/03. Smith was a long-time Dayton resident and a family member of mine was a patron of his art. The Dayton Art Institute also ahs much information on this artist. If you would like addtional information about the auction, please respond to my e-mail address.

I have a picture of Robert J Smith that came from the Elmer Webster collection, and would love to know more about him. I live in Dayton and can be reached at 937.223.1711 or
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