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Posted by Warner Miller on September 08, 03 at 19:01:53:

I HAVE to share this information with ALL of you Art Collectors.

While on vacation in Montreal, I found an Art Gallery that was selling RARE Royal Canadian Art Paintings at BARGIN PRICES!!

In other words I bought a RARE 1950's painting NOT A PRINT but the real deal at $200.00!!! The size was 30x20 with FRAME!!!! The artist was Jean Durube - well known in certain art circles.

And the best part this store STILL has rare gems in their collection at GREAT prices!

For those interested the name and address of this Gallery is:

Garo Art Center
355 Ste-Catherine East
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Tel: 514-844-2924.

A WONDERFUL place with GREAT service! The people who work there KNOW what they're talking about.

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