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Posted by Nick

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: : : : I recently purchased a Paul Detlefson print. I have always wanted this particular one because my grandmother had it on her wall when I was growing up. I tried to find some information on it and have failed. Could someone tell me what it is called and where I can find any information? The print is of a red covered bridge. There is a horse and carriage to the right of the bridge. On the bank below the bridge is a little boy and his dog fishing. I appreciate any help on this.

: : :
: I came across your posting and thought I would let you know that the print you are referring to is titled "Covered Bridge". It is 16" by 20".
: I found a copy in a house I just purchased. The owner left it on the wall when she left. There is also another one titled "Old Mill Stream" size 11" by 14" These were issued by Winde Fine Prints.

: : : Lucky you! I have been wanting that print. It hung on my grandmothers wall for years! If you find out anything about it, do share. I too have wondered what it is called and when it was painted.
: : I have a print by Paul Detlefson with a carriage and it is called the big moment. I don't know if it is the same one you are refering to.
I purchased this painting (Covered Bridge) 10 years ago at an estate sale but mine is about 4 ft. By 3 Ft. is this the largest of it's size or does anyone have a contact who would know

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