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Posted by Betty

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:I have acquired what looks like a pencil sketch that has subsequently been
watercoloured. It is sign in pencil in the lower right-hand corner
A Van Neste. It is a street scene and not titled.
Any information about the artist would be greatly appreciated

I, I also have a print by Alfred Van Neste. It is 24/50 in pencil. In about 1994, I looked it's possible value up at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago in the art books that offer this information and I also took it to an art appraiser at about the same time. Both indicated that if it had been a painting it would have had value, but a print at the time was only worth about $500.00. I loved it anyway and kept it. If you find out more I would like to know, too.
: Thanks, Gerri Somerville

: : : : I have a print - as follows:
: : : : signed: After Alf Van Neste this signature is in pencil & print number is 309.
: : : : On the back is a piece of paper that says FRENCH ETCHING FACSIMILE
: : : : ENTREE DU CHATEAU after Alf. Van Neste
: : : : Number 2700-309
: : : : V-M CO. CHICAGO
: : : : ---- Can anyone tell me anything about this print - the artist - or its value?
: : : : Any info would be appreciated.
: : : : I have a print by Alfred Joseph Auguste Van Neste. Go to the following address for some info. http:/
: : 55000 BEF(Belgium Francs) is about $1,200.

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