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Posted by still life with apples on August 06, 03 at 11:04:57:

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: :I also have 2 still life by Robert Chailloux which I recently inherited. They are both in frames and on the back the purchase date states 1960. The person who bought these always wrote on the back where she bought something and the date, and I know it is in her handwriting. I, too, am wondering about Mr. Chailloux, if he is still living, etc. I will get them out tomorrow and see if they might be similar to yours.

: Found a copy of a painting by Robert Chailloux in my mother-in-law's attic and I'm looking for the name of the painting. It has a brown jug on the left side, knife in front of jug, pears and apples on the right in a dish. Also a pear and apple sit on a white towel with blue stripes. If you know the name, please let me know.

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