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: Does anyone know how much Blue boy and pinky paintings are worth from the early 1950's. I have the print of blue boy and pinky that my grandparents had and would like to know the value of the prints from around 1950 or so. They are in ok shape. The prints are starting to detorate though. Thank you for reading this letter.
: Mike Jones

i WONDER IF THE art work you have is more than a print,but a paint-by=number set of portraits very popular in the mid 1950's/ I am not sure of the value of these right now. They began as a promotional gift from now defunct A.P stores. If you can get them put in airtight frames it may stop the deterioation. I have bothBlue Boy and Pinky in my possession right now. I am writing about the paint-by-number era for my master's Thesis right now. The artist was Lorraine Thibauld, Halifax. More info would be available on the internet. just type in blue boy andpinky. it is amazing what you can find on internet. I hope this is of some help to you.

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