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Posted by Chris

In Reply to: Paul Detlefsen fan since 9 years old:

: Hello Detlefsen Fans,
: I have been a Detlefsen painting fan since the age of 9 when I saw Horse and Buggy Days and wanted that picture. I'm now almost 27 years old now.
: Mike Jones

Hello Mike
I have been trying to find information on the Horse and Buggy painting. I have a large framed picutre of it. Now I do not know alot aboout paintings so I assume it is a print. Do not know the value I found it when my grandparents died.

Anymore informaiton you might have would be great if you could email me. Like how many prints there were etc. This is what I guess you would call the couch size:):) there were other paintings but not by Paul. Yet all big with frames.
Unfortuantly until I find wall space they are all collecting dust.
Thanks Chris

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