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  • Plese check your Gallart bookmark (URL). Correct address is ...

... and not   or,   etc;

Artists pages:

  • Click measures on artist page to convert from Inches to Centimetres.
  • Select the small image to view the full screen image of the painting.
  • Close full screen image before choose another!

Painters list:

  • Click on "Textual list" for description of all painters.
  • Use Search engine for searching keywords. You can search for "acrylic" painters or landscape oriented painters ...


  • drag your mouse cursor over or and you will get 'Go to' options in the upper left corner of the screen.

Browser settings:

  • Make sure that Java and especially JavaScript are enabled.

Open browser PREFERENCES or INTERNET OPTIONS and make sure all "Java" boxes are checked.

  • To fix unnecessary scrolling, make sure you are viewing the site at full screen. Maximize your browser window!
  • Monitor size should be set for 800 x 600 which can be found in your Control Panel under "Display".
  • Please set your system font to "small".
  • If the pictures look grainy, your system's resolution is set too low (probably 16 or 256 colors).
    Use at least 64k colors for the best appearance.
  • The other reason can be your browser compression. To correct it, uncheck the auto compression in your browser preferences.

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